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Tuna Fish Empanadas (Empanadas de atún)

A traditional Argentinian dish that can be fried or baked. This recipe is fried in our special Goody soy frying oil. It gives the dish a golden nice colour as well as crispiness. The filling using Treva tuna flakes that has a nice fresh pink colour with no fishy odor and nice taste.

  • No. Of Serving 4
  • Appetizer

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At Goody Culinary Solutions, we’re committed to champion Culinary Visionaries realize their dreams. We’re delighted to share with you some business insights by Ms.Arwa Al-Heraiby, the Co-founder of Zad Al-Imtiaz Company that owns Meez Restaurant & Marble Slab Ice cream based on her entrepreneurship journey.

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This article would go through the potential and future of this growing industry in relation to 2030 vision

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